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We help to recover debts

It’s important to us that you get paid what you’re owed by your customers and your clients.

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County Court Judgements

A County Court Judgment (CCJ) is a type of court order in England, Wales and Northern Ireland that may be registered against you if you fail to repay money you owe.

Magistrates Court Writs

If you haven’t paid a fine, compensation order or costs, the Magistrates Court can issue a warrant of control.

High Court Writs

There are several different types of High Court writs that can be used by to execute judgments. The one most commonly used is the Writ of Control.
The Writ of Control is the High Court equivalent of the County Courts Warrant of Execution – although its powers are considerably greater.

European Enforcement Order

When a creditor obtains judgment in a European member state and is looking to enforce it in another (for example in England and Wales), the most effective method can often be to obtain a ‘European Enforcement Order’

Employment Tribunal (Appeal) Judgment

You can make a claim to an employment tribunal if you think someone has treated you unlawfully, such as your employer, a potential employer or a trade union.

Eviction of Trespassers and Squatters

Owners of a property, which is occupied by trespassers or anyone who does not have a right to be in the property, can apply to the court for a possession order.

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We help to recover debts all over the UK and in Europe. 
We work closely with our clients, so we can better understand the needs of their business and approach each case in the most effective way
Where issues or matters fall outside our particular areas of expertise, we can assist in securing and managing the necessary outside knowledge at the appropriate level.


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